Tower Clock

We are combining our passion of clockmaking with modern production methods.

Outdoor Clock

Our outdoor clocks are living for years to give meaning to souls of cities.

Post Clock

We are the one of the most experienced clockmakers in Turkey and share this worldwide.

Wall Clock

Add an artistic touch to your architectural building with our wall clocks.

Wooden Clock

We are producing custom design wooden clocks for your luxurious interiors.

Custom Design Clocks

We are able to produce custom design clocks in order to complete your architectural designs.

Other Production Activities

  • Cigarette Display
  • Cigarette Rack
  • Lockable Cigarette Display
  • Cigarette Display Cases
  • Corten Wall Panels
  • Corten Signages
  • Decorative Corten Products
  • Corten Flower Pots
  • Tower Clocks
  • Outdoor Clocks
  • Wall Clocks
  • Wooden Clocks
  • Product Display Stands
  • Metal Stands
  • Wooden Stands
  • Outdoor Advertising

Our Brands

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